Easily Edit PDFs With PDF Expert For Only $20 [Deals Hub]

PDFs fulfill the primary purpose they were originally designed for—they’re high quality, small in size, and portable across hardware and software. But when it comes to editing, PDFs can be a bit difficult to deal with. This app called PDF Expert opens them up for easy alteration, alleviating roadblocks in your workflow and giving you the most versatile doc system out there. Get it now on the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub for only $19.99 after 75% off the MSRP.

With PDF Expert, you can edit any aspect of the document, from the text and links, to the images and layout. Merge separate docs that belong together, plus easily fill out or sign contracts and other forms. Expert is also great as a PDF reader, allowing you to swiftly go through long documents, and comes with intuitive notation tools. Remote sharing across Apple devices comes standard, as does a password protection option for sensitive files.

A one-stop tool for all things PDF, Expert shouldn’t be missed if you’re a fan of the file type and want to expand your options. Nab it on the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub for 75% off—only $19.99 today.