Fortnite Now Has Over 200 Million Players; Update Adds 60fps Gameplay Support on iPhone XS and iPhone XR

Fortnite has been racking up impressive numbers right since its iOS launch. There’s no stopping the game as it has now racked up 200 million players worldwide. This is after Epic Games revealed back in June that the game had 125 million players.

The 200 million players count is up 5x from the 40 million players the game had back in January before its iOS debut.

While Fortnite is available on a variety of platform, its popularity has grown rapidly since its iOS debut earlier this year. Since then, the game’s popularity has soared, with the iOS version of the game generating $300 million in revenue in just 200 days of its availability. It also only took 90 days to generate $100 million in revenues. The increasing popularity can also be attributed to the game launching on Nintendo Switch and Android, though the iOS version likely continues to be the biggest in terms of user base and revenue generated.

The pace of the growth of the game makes it more popular than many other popular games like Clash Royale and Honor of Kings, though it could not beat the revenues generated by Pokémon Go which took just 113 days to gross $300 million in revenues.

For its part, Epic Games is trying to keep the interest of gamers alive in the game by launching new limited-time modes and items to spice up gameplay. Fortnite’s release has led to plenty of Battle Royale games soaring in popularity including PUBG. In fact, the latest installment of Call of Duty (Black Ops 4) is also based on the battle royale genre.

If you have not yet started playing Fortnite, make sure to read our starter guide to help you get up to speed with the game. And if you already play Fortnite, the v6.31 update for the game adds 60fps playback support on devices like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. This should allow for a smoother gameplay experience on these devices.

[Via Bloomberg]