Get This Ultra-Portable Device Stand For Better Viewing [Deals Hub]

If you’d like to maintain a perfect viewing angle on all your Apple devices, increasing comfort and productivity in the process, a stand can do wonders. Often they can be a bit burdensome to travel with, but not so with this FODI Origami model. Weighing in at just .08 pounds, this thing can nevertheless support 44 pounds. Even better, it folds origami-style from its upright position into a paper-thin sheet for carrying ease, and is also inexpensive—just $14.99 for Bamboo, White or Black Marble, or Walnut versions at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub right now.

Folding the stand up and taking it down is intuitive, so it won’t feel like a chore every time. The FODI also comes with special buckles designed to keep cables at bay and is made out of environmentally friendly materials. Use it around the house, or easily stick it in your bag when you go out so you never have to settle and use your devices in a less-than-optimal position

If you’re interested in a compact, reliable stand that works with all your Apple devices, check out this FODI. Get it in Bamboo, Marble, or Walnut for just $14.99 at the Deals Hub after the current 40% discount today.