Instagram Fighting ‘Inauthentic Activity’, Deleting Fake Comments, Likes, and Follows

As a social network grows, the possibility of seeing more fake accounts grows. Instagram is certainly no stranger to this.

The Facebook-owned Instagram has officially announced this week that it is taking a more concerted effort to crack down on fake accounts and activity on the platform. Specifically, Instagram will now be deleting “inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity”.

“We’re taking a number of steps to limit this kind of unwelcome behavior. Accounts we identify using these services will receive an in-app message alerting them that we have removed the inauthentic likes, follows and comments given by their account to others. We will also ask them to secure their account by changing their password. People who use these types of apps share their username and password, and their accounts are sometimes used by third-party apps for inauthentic likes, follows and comments. Not only does this introduce bad behavior into the Instagram community, it also makes these accounts less secure.”

Beyond that, Instagram has also been made aware that some users have unknowingly shared their log-in credentials with a third-party app. That may lead to some unwanted in-app messages for the user. Instagram says that a simple fix is to change the password:

“If you receive an in-app message, simply change your password to revoke their access to your account. These new measures will be ongoing, and accounts that continue to use third-party apps to grow their audience may see their Instagram experience impacted.”

The changes are going into effect now, so if you’ve run into a lot of inauthentic behavior on Instagram, hopefully it will start to wind down.

[via Instagram]