Instagram Finally Rolling Out Usage Dashboard That Shows Your Time Spent in the App

Instagram finally rolls out its usage dashboard

Back in August, Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram officially announced dashboards that would allow users to see just how much time they spend in each app.

And while Facebook’s and Instagram’s language at the time seemed to suggest that both dashboards were available three months ago, they actually never became a reality. Until now, and only for Instagram. The photo- and video-sharing platform has finally begun rolling out the usage dashboard, which will not only allow users to see just how much time they have spent within the app over the last week, but also mute notifications for five minutes, all the way up to eight hours.

The dashboard utility is entitled “Your Activity”, and you (should) be able to find it by tapping on the hamburger menu that’s located on the top right corner of your profile page. The new feature should help users get a handle on how much time they spend within Instagram, helping them reduce usage times with some real-time data.

If you’re curious about Facebook’s own dashboard, which is called “Your time on Facebook”, that still remains to be seen. Facebook and Instagram both announced their respective dashboards at the same time this summer, so the fact that Instagram’s is now rolling out may be a good indicator that we should see Facebook’s effort in the near future as well.

Companies have caught on that people may be using devices and apps too often, with device and app addiction being a real thing. In an effort to get a handle on that, though, we’ve seen Apple roll out Screen Time in iOS 12, and Google launch its own effort with Digital Wellbeing in Android 9.0 Pie.

[via The Verge]