Lyft Rewards Program Launches in December 2018 to Offer Rider Perks

Lyft is launching a rewards program

If you use Lyft, then the ride-hailing service wants to reward you with a few different perks for your continued loyalty.

Lyft announced on Monday its new rewards program that will offer different perks for riders, including the ability to choose more experienced drivers for their trips, and points that can be exchanged for ride upgrades. While Lyft announced the new rewards program in a public blog post today, the company is still keeping many of the details light. Lyft does say it will announce more about the program, including the finer details, in December — the same month the program is set to launch.

We do know that earnings points is pretty straightforward: Just use the Lyft app to hail a ride and you’ll earn points, which are based on every dollar you spend. Lyft users will be able to track their points within the app, too.

“Getting rewarded will be easy. Whenever you use the Lyft app to get around, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend. Earn enough points and you’ll unlock a reward like an upgrade to Lyft Lux or savings on future rides. Want to see how close you are to your next reward? Just track your progress right in the Lyft app.

We’re also exploring how we can keep making Lyft Rewards better over time. We hear you: Passengers want perks like ride upgrades, access to more-experienced drivers, and double-points days — so we’ll continue to listen to your rider feedback as we fine-tune the Lyft Rewards program.”

At this point in time, Lyft says that the rewards program is going to have a staggered rollout, with initial availability being for “select riders” in “various cities”. So while the launch is set to take place in December, it may still be some time before all Lyft riders have access to the brand new rewards program.

Lyft says a notification and/or an email will be sent to riders who are eligible for the new rewards program, so if you use the service on a regular basis, keep an eye out starting next month.

[via Lyft]