Meet Xiaomi’s $29 AirPods Alternative, AirDots


Xiaomi has come a long way from the days of blatantly ripping off the design of Apple’s products and then launching a cheaper version of it in China. But every once in a while, the company reminds us of how it started by launching a product that will look very similar to Apple’s offering. This time around, the company has launched its own AirPods competitor: the AirDots. 

The $29 AirDots are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that thankfully don’t look similar to Apple’s AirPods but offer the same level of functionality. This includes a charging case similar to the AirPods where one can place their AirDots to be charged wirelessly. The earbuds themselves can last for 4 hours on a single charge, while the charging case pushes their battery life to a total of 12 hours. Similar to AirPods, the wireless earbuds feature a touch-sensitive surface that can be used to trigger Xiaomi’s smart assistant, accept/reject calls, or skip music tracks.

AirDots Specs

The AirDots feature silicone tips that allow for better passive noise cancellation, sound isolation, and improved fit. The $29 AirDots ship with Bluetooth 5.0 for improved range and connectivity, though that is unlikely to have any impact on the overall sound quality.

The popularity of AirPods has led many other Chinese OEMs to launch its cheap knock-off. Xiaomi is in fact late to the game here, with Huawei and Oppo already releasing their AirPods clone.

Like with most other Xiaomi products, the AirDots are unlikely to be available outside of China.