Mysterious MacBook Air With an Intel Core i7 Processor Earns a Geekbench Score

MacBook Air 2018 Features 1

Right now, there is only one processor option for the brand new MacBook Air with a Retina display, and that’s an Intel Amber Lake Core i5 processor clocked at 1.6GHz.

But it appears that another option might be out there in the wild, too. A Geekbench score was uploaded this week, which was first identified by SlashLeaks, and appears to show a brand new, 2018 MacBook Air equipped with a Core i7 processor, rather than the aforementioned Core i5 option. The device has a model number AAPJ140K1,1, and it has a base clock speed of 1.8GHz.

There are some similarities in place with the current MacBook Air, including the logic board having the same part number as the model you can buy right now. The mysterious model also has 16GB of RAM, too, which is an option for the current MacBook Air with Retina display as well.

Mysterious MacBook Air (2018) with Core i7 processor

What about the scores? Well, in this one particular test that was uploaded to the Geekbench servers recently, the single-core score earned 4249, while the multi-core score earned 8553. Compare that to initial benchmarking scores for the MacBook Air model the company launched: 4248 single-core and 7828 multi-core score.

Is this a MacBook Air variant that Apple is ever going to launch to the public? There’s no way of knowing that right now. Is it also possible that these results are fake? Sure. But it seems even more plausible that Apple was at least prototyping a MacBook Air with Retina display with this particular processor under the hood. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee a public launch.

If you skipped over the current MacBook Air with Retina display because of the processor, would you buy this model?

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