Watch the New iPad Pro Get Subjected to Horrific Experimentation to Test Its Durability

New iPad Pro gets its own bend test

The iPad Pro lineup introduced earlier this year is an expensive family of tablets, and one has to wonder just how well those expensive devices stand up in the real world.

Of course, it’s worth noting that in these types of stress tests, we get to see an individual put a sharp knife to the back of an iPad, plus a lot more. And while that may show off how durable a device is, one has to hope that that’s not necessarily what an iPad Pro in the real world would be subjected to. So, if you like to watch horror movies where expensive devices are put to some gruesome tests, let’s dig in.

The YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything, published their newest video today, which is entitled “iPad Pro Bend Test!” with an added “Be gentle with Apples new iPad…”.

Things start off rough right out of the gate as the YouTubers go right for the new Apple Pencil. The one that has a new tappable side and capability of charging wirelessly. They shave off parts of the Apple Pencil, and then go right to the middle and snap it in half, exposing the stylus’s inner workings.

And then it’s on to the iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch variant. We watch as they take a knife to the side of the tablets, leaving marks everywhere they go. That knife then gets a tryout on the back of the Space Gray tablet, letting it leave obvious scratches in its destructive wake. Even the camera isn’t left without a permanent mark.

How about the display? Well, we get to watch as a lighter’s flame is pushed up against it, on top of the standard scratch tests.

Finally, the bend test itself. This is actually quite striking to watch because, as noted in the video, a tablet that’s the size of a piece of paper “bends like a piece of paper”. It’s not that easy by any means, but it is pretty remarkable seeing how easily the iPad Pro does bend and break.

Here’s the video:

What do you think? Are we going to see another iPhone 6-level Bendgate situation? Or will the fact that we can’t put the iPad Pro in our pockets going to save the new tablet from that level of feedback?

If you picked up a new iPad Pro, how are you protecting your new, expensive device?

[via JerryRigEverything]