Pocket Casts is Getting a Premium Redesign, Siri Shortcuts Support, and More

Pocket Casts has a major redesign

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular apps out there to listen to podcasts, and now the app is getting a major redesign for a more premium experience.

The major redesign was announced on Wednesday, and marks not only a major change to the general experience in discovering and listening to podcasts, but also the addition of new features, including Siri Shortcuts support on devices running iOS 12.1 or newer. The new Pocket Casts will be available for download today, and it still retails for $3.99 from the iOS App Store.

“Podcasting fans are deeply engaged and passionate about their favorite shows,” said Owen Grover, CEO and an audio industry veteran. “They deserve a listening experience that’s easy to use, powerful and flexible. With this release, we’ve made it simpler than ever before to find great new shows and listen across a host of different platforms.”

So, what’s new in the new Pocket Casts? First up, Siri Shortcuts. This will allow users to use a simple phrase to access their favorite shows, letting Siri do the legwork to launch the content. Pocket Casts is also improving general discovery as well, basing that on algorithms working in the background and human curation. Episode search will allow users to quickly find a specific episode they want to listen to within a series.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Siri Shortcuts Integration – Use Apple’s smart assistant to launch your favorite shows
  • Improved Discovery – New human and algorithmic curation now delivers great recommendations on every platform and in every territory
  • Episode Search – Search within any podcast series to find a specific episode
  • Play Without Subscribing – Browse podcasts and play episodes without the need to subscribe to the show
  • Up Next Syncing – Lists and show progress sync seamlessly across every platform
  • Filters – More powerful tools to organize your favorite shows and create playlists
  • New Web Player – Modern, streamlined design and powerful new features
  • Dozens of Quality of Life Improvements – New archiving features, playback effects while streaming, enhanced Apple Watch support, listening history and much more

Pocket Casts has been around for years, and grown in popularity since launch. (We’ve got a review of Pocket Casts right here.) It was purchased by NPR and a trio of other public radio companies earlier this year. This marks the biggest update to the app since that acquisition.

There is a link to download and install Pocket Casts below if you don’t already have it. In other podcast news, Pandora just launched its new Podcast Genome Project, which is designed to help Pandora subscribers discover new podcasts they might like based on their listening preferences and history.