Qualcomm CEO Believes Resolution with Apple Is ‘on the Doorstep’

Qualcomm has been involved in an intense legal battle with Apple over its royalty payment dispute. The battle between the two companies has led to Apple completely switching to Intel modems for its 2018 iPhone lineup. While things have only gone from bad to worse between the two companies, Qualcomm’s CEO says the company is on “the doorstep of finding a resolution.”

Qualcomm’s CEO Steve Mollenkopf told in an interview on CNBC’s Mad Money that both companies continue to talk to each other and they are on the verge of resolving their issues by late next year or early next year.

“We’ve always talked about — I’ve been very consistent — that … the second half of this year and into next year is when we’re really on the doorstep of finding a resolution and we don’t see anything different than that,” the CEO said.

In the same interview, the CEO highlighted the importance of 5G and how it offers “tremendous benefits.” 5G adoption is currently Qualcomm’s central focus and the CEO expects it to roll out starting in spring 2019. Mollenkopf is hopeful that Apple will end up sourcing Qualcomm’s 5G modem chips for its future iPhones.

Our Take

This is not the first time that Qualcomm’s CEO has said something like this. He had previously mentioned that he was optimistic about working with Apple as recently as in September. However, with the battle between the two companies turning into a mud slinging competition, I doubt things are ever going to return the way they were between them.

Intel is already working on its 5G modem and even if Apple ends up sourcing Qualcomm’s 5G modem, it is only going to use it until Intel builds its own modem. There are reports of Apple working on an in-house modem as well in which case Qualcomm hopes of supplying modems to the company will remain a distant dream.

[Via CNBC]