Russian Blogger Pays for iPhone XS with a Bathtub Full of Coins

iPhone XS Change

When people buy a new iPhone, they usually pay either in cash or via card. But Russian blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko decided to do things a bit differently. He purchased a new iPhone XS and paid for it entirely in coins. He carried the coins in a bathtub which was filled to the brim and weighed 350KGs. The tub contained 100,000 Rubles which roughly translates into US$1,500.

The Apple Store played sport and counted the change brought by the Russian blogger before handing him the iPhone XS. It took them nearly 2 hours to count the coins.

Carrying the 350KG bathtub filled with coins to the store was no easy task in itself. The blogger got into two scuffles with security guards before eventually being able to carry the tub inside the Apple Store in Evropeisky Mall in central Moscow.

“What is it to be #clientorientated? It’s when a customer decides to do some hype and brings in a bathtub of change to buy an iPhone and the seller calmly and patiently sits down to count out the bath,” Apple spokeswoman Lyudmila Semushina wrote.


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This is not the first time that someone in Russia tried to purchase an iPhone solely using coins. This publicity stunt by blogger Kovalenko was done as an experiment as it is common for stores in Russia to say they do not have change and refuse to serve customers.

Will you be paying for your next iPhone purchase entirely in coins?

[Via ABC News]