Verizon Launches ‘My Numbers’ to Add up to Four Numbers to a Single Phone

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You may need to have access to more than one phone number, and while there are options out there to make that a bit easier to handle on one device, Verizon is introducing a new app that may help even more.

Verizon today is officially announcing “My Numbers”. This is a brand new app that will allow smartphone owners to add up to four individual phone numbers to a single device (for a total of five). Those numbers will have access to unlimited domestic calls and texting. But it’s not necessarily all that cheap, depending on how many numbers you need. The big red carrier is charging $15 per line, per month.

“My Numbers is a great solution for entrepreneurs, customers with side hustles, and for those who just want the convenience and flexibility of having multiple phone numbers without the hassle of carrying around a separate phone,” said Keena Grigsby, director of product marketing for Verizon.”

Verizon launches "My Numbers" to handle multiple numbers on a single phone

The process itself is pretty simple. Just download the new My Numbers app from the iOS App Store (a link to download the app is available below), and then select which numbers you want to add from the list. As Verizon explains it, this means you can have your business line, a personal number, a separate number for a dedicated voicemail box, and even one to handle text messages. The app itself is free to download and install, but be aware of the $15 per line, per month charge for each individual number you add.

The timing of this may seem interesting to some, considering the fact that Verizon is playing it slow with adoption of Apple’s own effort to have more than one phone number available on a single iPhone. Apple launched dual SIM support with the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and the launch of iOS 12.1, thanks to its eSIM technology. However, Verizon (and the other major wireless networks in the U.S.) is not planning on supporting it for a bit of time.

What do you think of this option to handle multiple phone numbers on a single device?


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