You Can Now Tell Siri to Lock Your Volkswagen

If you own a newer Volkswagen and use the company’s own “VW Car-Net” mobile app, then you can now use Siri to handle some straightforward tasks.

Announced on Monday, Volkswagen’s VW Car-Net app will allow owners to put together some simple Siri Shortcuts to not only lock or unlock their car, but also check the estimated mileage or charge level of their vehicle, and even switch on/off “the Flash or Honk & Flash commands”. You can even ask Siri “where is my car”. The new commands also make it possible to start/stop the charging process, start/stop the defroster, and even change the climate within the car.

“We are constantly looking at innovative ways to make VW Car-Net more convenient and relevant for our customers,” said Abdallah Shanti, EVP, Global Chief Information Officer Volkswagen Brand & Car-IT. “With Siri Shortcuts, creating voice commands to use with our mobile app was a great opportunity to do just that! Integration with Siri helps our drivers keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

It’s worth noting that Volkswagen’s Car-Net app isn’t free, but requires a monthly subscription to access.

Siri Shortcuts debuted with iOS 12, and, with it, users can use a simple phrase to handle a variety of different tasks at once. In this particular case, folks could use Siri to not only start their defroster in colder climates, but also automatically adjust the inside temperature before they make their way into the vehicle.

There are a variety of third-party apps that take advantage of Siri Shortcuts. You can check out a brief list right here.

[via Volkswagen]