Beau, Who is 4, Used Siri to Call Emergency Services After His Mom Fainted

How about a feel good story for your Tuesday before we head into the long holiday weekend? A four-year-old is here to help us out.

As was reported this week by the BBC, Beau Austin is seen as a bit of a hero after he was able to get in touch with emergency care providers in his local Pembrokeshire, South Wales, after his mother fainted in their house. At the time it was just Beau and his mother, Jess, in the house, and she apparently fainted not once, but twice, due to the medication she was taking to combat morning sickness. After Beaut’s mother fainted the first time, he beckoned Siri and requested the digital personal assistant to call 9-9-9 for emergency help.

Beau told the operator who answered, “My mummy’s sick”, and confirmed his address. Ms. Austin was able to recover during the call to confirm the address as well, but fainted the second time which left Beau to speak with the operator on his own. He was instructed on ways to keep his mother conscious as they waited for the ambulance to show up.

“I was just really proud of him, without Beau being there, something really awful could’ve happened to me,” said Ms Austin.

“It was just me and Beau in the house by ourselves so he did really, really well. To use Siri like that is incredible. I didn’t even know you could do that on a phone.”

So how did Beau know that he could use Siri to call for help?

“He said he saw it done before on the TV.”

Beau has received plenty of attention since the ordeal. He was visited at school by the ambulance service’s mascot, Jack, along with the Patient Experience and Community Involvement team. Beau earned himself a certificate, and even got a goodie bag out of it, too.

Sounds like Beau and his mother are doing all right now, which is good news all around. This is yet one more story where technology has helped save a life, something that is becoming a regular occurrence for Apple’s devices at this point. Just recently we heard about the brand new ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 4 potentially saving a life, for instance.

[via BBC]