Apple Music Now Has an Unofficial Web Player

Apple Music is a great service that is, for better or worse, embedded in iTunes. A web player might be something a lot of people want, but it doesn’t appear Apple has any immediate plans to launch something like that.

So, how about an unofficial option? Thanks to Reddit user Naveed Golafshani, that is an option. Golafshani is a software engineer, and in his free time built a working web player for Apple Music. It includes all of the features that you’d expect, including full access to your library, the ability to play content, see your Recently Added music, and much more. There are not any Radio options at the time being, and the Browse tab is pretty sparse compared to the full Apple Music experience.

Still, all things considered this is a pretty solid unofficial option.

Now, as you might expect, if you actually want to use this web player with your personal Apple Music content, you will need to sign in. There is an obvious “Login” option in the bottom-left corner of the web player, and you’ll then enter your Apple ID to proceed forward. A pop-up that seres an Apple authenticator will have you enter your Apple ID and password, and then you will need to provide access to your recent listening history, your media library, and Apple Music library.

You can find the web player through the source link below if you’re curious and want to check it out.

Apple has been rumored in the past to be working on a web player for Apple Music, but that never turned into anything real. For now, this unofficial option seems like a pretty solid option, even if some might be wary about signing into an unofficial third-party web app with their Apple ID information. If you want to avoid using iTunes but want to keep using Apple Music, Golafshani’s option here seems worthwhile.

[via Reddit; Play Apple Music]