Apple is Now Employing Doctors as it Continues to Focus on Health

iPhone X Plus in portrait mode

Apple sees itself as a company that can help improve its customers’ health, and actually believes it will be the “biggest contribution” it provides in the future.

The majority of that effort comes in the form of services and devices. We saw Apple recently launch the Apple Watch Series 4, which features an ECG app (that launched with watchOS 5.1.2 not too long ago). And Apple’s proprietary Health app on iOS aims to be a one-stop-shop for a variety of health-related information for users. What started as a way to simply close some rings on a smartwatch has certainly evolved into something much broader — even if customers are still trying to close rings.

Now, CNBC has a report out that takes a look at Apple’s health efforts, and says that Apple is employing doctors now. And not just one or two, either, but it could be up to 50 doctors employed at this point. Some doctors have updated social pages, like LinkedIn, to show off they are employed by the Cupertino-based company, but others are still keeping it a secret for now.

“These hires are not just for show, according to people familiar with the doctors and their roles. Many haven’t disclosed their role at Apple at all, which is commonplace at a company that prides itself on secrecy. One example is Stanford pediatrician Rajiv Kumar, who has worked there for several years. CNBC was able to locate 20 physicians at Apple via LinkedIn searches and sources familiar, and other people said as many as 50 doctors work there. Apple has more than 130,000 employees globally.”

Apple wants expertise in its ranks, especially as it moves deeper into the health field, but the move is also strategic, according to the report. Bringing on a variety of doctors, from different specialties, can see Apple gain favor in those areas. Indeed, the report states that Apple sees this as a way to win over healthcare professionals as it works on new devices and software.

“The hires could help Apple win over doctors — potentially its harshest critics — as it seeks to develop and integrate health technologies into the Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. It also suggests that Apple will build applications that can help people with serious medical problems, and not just cater to the ‘worried well,’ as many have speculated.”

Whatever the immediate situation is, there is no doubt whatsoever that Apple is going head-first into the health industry, finding ways it can improve the lives of its users out there in the wild. Whether everything actually pans out for the better, though, remains to be seen.

[via CNBC]