Apple Starts Selling Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5

Beddit Sleep Monitor

Apple has started selling an updated version of Beddit Sleep monitor through its online store. This is the first product that Beddit has started selling after its acquisition by Apple.

Apple had received FCC’s approval for the new version of Beddit Sleep monitor just a couple of days ago.

Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 does not come with any major changes. It still continues to remain a 2mm thin sensor stip that one needs to place on their bedsheet under the mattress for tracking their sleep.  In terms of hardware, the only difference is that the new model is slightly smaller and lighter.

Beddit Sleep Monitor automatically tracks your sleep and works with the Beddit app on your iPhone to help measure, manage, and improve your sleep. The sensor strip is extremely thin, flat, and soft — at 2 mm thin, you won’t even notice it’s there. With automatic and accurate tracking, you get a full picture of your night by measuring sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity. And when you set daily bedtime and sleep time goals, Beddit motivates you to achieve them with tip notifications like morning results, bedtime reminders, and weekly reports.

The new Beddit Sleep Monitor continues to retail for $149.95 just as the previous model.

To go along with the release of the new version of the sleep monitor, Apple has also released a new Beddit 3.5 app under its name on the App Store. The older version of the app continues to remains on the App Store under Beddit’s name, though it only works with v3.0 of the sleep monitor.

Beddit Sleep Monitor is compatible with iPhone 5s or higher running iOS 12 or later.

Beddit Sleep Monitor