Apple Shares Real Stories From Apple Watch Owners in Two New Videos

Apple launched watchOS 5.1.2 earlier today, and, along with it, brought the ECG app to the Apple Watch Series 4.

But while that new feature is being heralded as a major milestone for health tracking features and helping with the overall well-being of Apple Watch owners, the smartwatch has been helping people for quite some time already. In light of the new software and feature, though, Apple has uploaded a pair of new videos that share real stories from Apple Watch owners.

The first is a story from an Apple Watch owner by the name of Michael. Apple has the same description for each video:

“Many people reach out to Apple to share how receiving heart rate notifications on Apple Watch has helped them recognize and react to serious conditions. Here is Michael’s story.”

Michael’s video comes in at just over a minute and a half and talks about how the Apple Watch informed him of a serious heart situation, with a faster rate of speed than what it should have been. Here’s the video:

The other video is longer, over four minutes, and it recounts several different stories. This includes a mother who was in a car accident and used her Apple Watch to call for assistance. Another story tells of a man who crashed white kitesurfing, and used the Apple Watch to call his son.

Here is that video:

The Apple Watch is definitely a worthwhile gadget for a lot of reasons, but it is growing incredibly more poignant as a device to help with those who want to keep tabs on their health and use a device to stay healthy. This appears to be a major focal point for Apple moving forward, as the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently said it’s Apple’s greatest contributing factor — keeping people healthy.