AT&T First U.S. Carrier to Add eSIM Support for iPhone XS and iPhone XR; Verizon to Add Support on Dec 7

Following the release of iOS 12.1.1, AT&T has added eSIM support for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. This makes AT&T the first major U.S. carrier to add eSIM support for Apple’s 2018 iPhones.

With eSIM support enabled, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR owners can use two lines at the same time on their devices. They can use one line from AT&T and another one from any other carrier for data, text, and calling purposes.

A leaked document confirms that Verizon plans on rolling out eSIM support for the new iPhones on December 7th. This will be in line with previous rumors about Verizon adding eSIM support before the end of this year. The carrier had earlier announced that it was delaying eSIM support due to some performance and compatibility issues.

Unlike other dual-SIM phones, the iPhone XS series and iPhone XR features an eSIM slot along with a physical nanoSIM slot. If you travel a lot, it makes sense to use eSIM for your primary number and use the physical SIM slot for your travel/roaming number. Make sure to read our detailed guide on how to use dual SIM on iPhone XS and iPhone XR to get an overview of how the technology works and the benefit it offers.

[Via MacRumors]