Costco Now Selling Macs Online With Discounted Prices

If you want to find general discounts for Apple products, it isn’t a secret that third-party retailers are going to be the places to look.

For Costco customers, there’s one more option out there. The big box retailer, which normally sells a variety of goods in bulk, is now offering a selection of Macs, most of which offer some kind of discount versus the full retail price you’d see from Apple directly. The discounts range between $50 and $200, depending on the model you want.

As noted by MacRumors on Wednesday, you can find the newest 2018 MacBook Air with a 1.6GHz processor, 128GB of built-in storage, and 8GB of RAM is priced at $999 from Costco. That’s a $200 discount when compared to the $1,199 price tag you’d find for the similar model at Apple.

You can use Costco’s online store to pre-order the Macs right now. Shipment is set to begin during the week of December 17, so next week. And it looks like in-store pickup is available as well, if you prefer to go that route. However, it remains unknown whether or not Costco is going to have Macs available in store for walk-in customers, so you may have to rely on buying a new machine online for now.

Costco does require a membership to shop there, either in-store or online. That costs $60 per year.

Do you plan on buying a new Mac from Costco?

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