It Takes Real Courage to Ship a Bent iPad Pro and Say That is What’s Supposed to Happen

The 2018 iPad Pro starts at $800. It’s not cheap! And it also may come out of the box bent, which is apparently just fine.

I think it’s safe to say that Apple, among other companies, has a real knack for just coming up with the craziest one-liners. Sometimes, depending on the year and the reason, they may even rival some of the best from the 80’s action movies that still manage to resonate today. The reality is a lot of those statements have a way of coming back to haunt Apple one way or another, usually in a mocking fashion.

And I am definitely prepared to mock Apple today.

I have a lot of reasons why I’m sticking with Apple over the competition. Simply put, I just prefer iOS and macOS for the devices I use every day. That may mean I have to hold onto my devices a little bit longer because Apple keeps jacking up prices, but it is what it is. But, that being said, I’m not such an Apple loyalist that I’m going to defend the company when it does dumb things. And Apple, for all its good in some areas, oftentimes does really dumb things.

The fact that Apple confirmed yesterday that the 2018 iPad Pro can ship with a bend in its frame right out of the box is dumb. And then to add on to that and say it’s a result of the manufacturing process, so it’s not a defect, is even worse! That statement right there tells me that if an Apple Store employee is tasked from a customer to get a new 2018 iPad Pro because the first one they bought is bent, they can just say no.

“Sorry, it’s not a defect. If it doesn’t interfere with the iPad’s functionality, then it’s fine.”

Everything is fine.

Except this is decidedly not fine. It honestly takes a level of courage, stupid courage, to actually ship a device that costs $800 at its base configuration, and well over $1,000 with some variants, that can bend even before the owner uses it and call it good. That isn’t a good product, Apple. That’s a product that’s prone to physical deformation. That’s the opposite of good.

And look, I’m not going to point to those crazy “stress test” videos out there that obviously go out of their way to bend a device in half. Those don’t count for anything other than sheer spectacle and curiosity. But when you see pictures of a 2018 iPad Pro that has a noticeable bend in its frame just because someone put it in their backpack, or because they took it out of the box? That’s ridiculous.

New iPad Pro with a slight bend

Apple wasn’t forced to make the 2018 iPad Pro in the way that it did. Does the machine look and feel great? Yes, yes it does. But that decision also meant Apple was perfectly okay with shipping a device that can bend easily, and can be bent right out of the box. How can Apple be proud of that? People return products that bend, Apple, because that means they’re broken. Not glass shattered broken, but still broken. Even if the bend doesn’t interfere with the iPad’s functionality, it’s still less-than-perfect. And if you’re telling all of us that you’re most expensive iPad to date is the best it can be, even though it can bend and be bent right out of the box, well, that tells me you don’t have a lot of faith in the product’s physical integrity.

“It’s good enough. Ship it.” That’s not good enough for your customers that are forking over that much money. Any amount of money. The iPad Pro should not get less durable the more money we pay for it.

I’ll get off the soap box now. I’m just baffled by this whole thing because, like I said earlier, it feels like Apple’s response to this defies reason. But let’s be real here: This isn’t the first time we’ve been here. Apple defies logic in its reasoning for things all the time. I’m sure you remember that time we were all holding our iPhones the wrong way.

Have you or anyone you know run into the 2018 iPad Pro bending way too easily?