The Entire Audience of ‘The Ellen Show’ Got a Free iPhone XR

iPhone XR Rear Panel

Apple has given away an iPhone XR each to the entire audience of The Ellen Show. This is the first time Apple has given away iPhones on such a scale publicly.   

Ellen DeGeneres made the announcement during The Ellen Show with Julia Roberts as the celebrity guest. Ellen first starts playing a game called Heads Up on her iPhone XR with Julia Roberts. Then the duo on the pretext of taking a selfie highlight how good the Portrait Mode on the iPhone XR is. Then they highlight that the iPhone XR comes in six different colors and offers great battery life.

The audience understandably erupts with joy on hearing the news that they are getting a free iPhone XR. While there was no word from Ellen or Julia Roberts, the team did partner with Apple on the giveaway which was obvious given the way how both celebrities promoted the device.

With iPhone sales reportedly not up to the mark, this is perhaps Apple’s way of creating noise about the device in a bid to spur its sales. What do you think?