Epic Games Will Launch a Game Store for PC and Mac in 2019

Epic Games Store

After successfully launching Fortnite for Android via its own digital storefront, Epic Games has now announced plans of launching its own game store for PC and Mac. The Epic Games Store will be a digital storefront for games available on PC and Mac. Initially, it will launch with a “hand-curated set of games” before opening up to other games and even open platforms like Android throughout 2019.

Epic Games is taking this step to provide developers with a store with fair revenue sharing rule and a direct relationship with their users.

Epic Games Store will provide developers with 88 percent of revenue. There’s no catch here. Epic will take only 12 percent of the total sales for running its store. For comparison, Apple and Google take a 30 percent cut from the total revenue of an app’s sale. Even better, if your game is based on the Unreal Engine, Epic will cover the 5 percent engine royalty for sales.

Epic Games Store Revenue

Anyone who purchases a game on the Epic Games Store will also be automatically subscribed to that developer’s newsfeed. This will allow developers to have a direct relationship with their user base and provide them with updates on their games and new releases.

Developers will also have the ability to fully customize their game page and newsfeed as per their liking.

For promotional purposes and better marketing, Epic Games Store will also have an Epic Games Support-A-Creator program consisting of Twitch streamers, bloggers, and YouTubers which developers can use to reach creators and promote their game. Creators who refer a developers game will receive a share of their revenue set by them. For the first 24 months Epic Games will cover 5 percent of the creator revenue-sharing.

Epic Games will provide more details about its upcoming game store at The Game Wards on December 6th.

[Via Epic Games]