Epic ‘Messed Up’ and Now the Infinity Blade is no Longer in Fortnite

It’s been a busy week for Epic, but it turns out that if you were a fan of the Infinity Blade’s presence within Fortnite Battle Royale, it’s not all good news.

Let’s take a trip back real quick. On December 6, Epic Games unleashed the seventh season of Fortnite, which brought with it a ton of new content. Like a new plane, new biomes, and new locations like Polar Peak. On December 11, last Tuesday, Epic announced that it was removing all of the Infinity Blade titles from the App Store, basically excising that content from the digital storefront as it called it a done deal for that (pretty popular) franchise.

On the same day, Epic also launched a new patch (v7.01) for Fortnite which saw the introduction of a brand new “mythic” weapon, which just so happened to be the Infinity Blade. This weapon can be found only in one place, the aforementioned Polar Peak, and once a player picks it up they get more shields, more health, and basically have a melee weapon that can instantaneously decimate built structures. That’s fine, for the most part, up until the end game where structures are a major mainstay and can determine a win or loss for any player or players.

It turns out introducing an overpowered weapon like that can also play havoc with an established tournament for the game, too. Epic apparently didn’t consider how crazy introducing a weapon like the Infinity Blade would be during the Winter Royale tournament, but you can see what that actually looks like in the video just below. Which is honestly pretty hilarious to watch, especially considering it’s taking place during a major tournament.

(Apparently YouTube doesn’t want to work with me here, so just fast forward to the 10 minute, 36-second mark in the video. And be aware there may be some mature language mixed in here.)

Obviously Epic was called out on this, and now the company has responded, saying on Twitter that it “messed up” and that it will be putting the Infinity Blade in the Vault as it “re-evaluates” its approach to mythic weapons in general. The company also admitted the sword is overpowered, but that they didn’t rollout any good counters (whether it’s player-based who has the sword, or externally with other players) to the weapon, either.

So, less than a week later and the Infinity Blade is no longer in Fortnite.

A weapon like the Infinity Blade, one that hits that mythic status, needs its own limited playlist and not just general availability in the main game. Epic handled this right the first time when it launched the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where players could pick up the gauntlet and turn into the character Thanos, picking up some extra powers and health/shields at the same time. That worked because it was it’s own playlist, not messing up general battle royale games.

Did you get a chance to play with the Infinity Blade?

[via @FortniteGame]