You Can Spend $250 on an Officially Licensed Star Wars-Themed Set of Keyboard Caps

Officially license Star Wars keyboard caps

Keyboard caps are a quick and relatively easy way to spice up a normally boring keyboard, adding a bit of customization.

But it’s not always cheap to get the look you want. For example, if you’d like to make your keyboard look like something you’d find on the Death Star in the Star Wars universe, you’ll need to be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars. SyFy has a look at what appears to be the first officially licensed keyboard keycaps from Disney and the Star Wars brand. But, as you can imagine, an official license to a brand as huge as Star Wars doesn’t come cheap, so this will cost you $250. And that’s just for the caps — there’s no keyboard included.

This is called the Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA, and it offers caps that are gray for the most part. But there are also red and white keycaps as well. And what you may notice right away is that these keycaps have authentic Aurebresh lettering — the official written language within the Star Wars universe.

The keycaps are manufactured by Signature Plastics, and the caps feature dye-sublimated lettering. Each cap is made from PBt plastics, the harder of the two options for keyboard caps. And the caps should fit most regularly-sized keyboards. That includes ISO keyboards in Europe. The one thing to be aware of is the Aurebresh lettering, which dominates the top of each key. You can get a keyboard variant that has the English letter equivalent on each key, too.

This is your cool accessory for the week. Even if it does cost $250. If you want to pick the keycaps up you can order from either Kono.Store or Novel Keys, but you’ll only have until January 5 to put in your order. And one final note: The keyboard you order won’t ship until sometime in April of 2019, so there will be a bit of a wait to actually make it your own.

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