Former Apple Marketing Director Returns His Bent iPad Pro

2018 iPad Pro Unboxing

Last month, it was reported that certain 2018 iPad Pro models being shipped by Apple were bent out of the box. For such a costly device to have bending issues is simply unacceptable but Apple said that the bend was within its acceptable norms and not a cause for concern. Irrespective of Apple’s words though, the bend was enough for the company’s former Senior Marketing Director Michael Gartenberg to return his new iPad Pro.

In his tweet, Gartenberg rightfully sums it up by saying that the bend cannot be justified by Apple saying that it is within its design tolerances.

While the bend might not be a cause of concern right now, it can eventually lead to other issues including loose contact pins on the logic board. A similar issue had occurred with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus whose bending issue eventually led to Touch Disease and Apple despite knowing about it, charged customers hundreds of dollars for fixing it.

With a starting price tag of $799, the iPad Pro is definitely not cheap and there’s no excuse for Apple to ship a bend tablet or one that can bend easily in daily use. Most people frequently keep their iPad in their bag while traveling where it will be exposed to a certain degree of pressure. A weak chassis can eventually lead to a plethora of other issues and then a user will have to pay from their pocket to get the tablet repaired as these issues will come under Apple’s acceptable service norms.

[Via Patently Apple]