How to Generate Apple Music Year in Review

While Spotify has Wrapped 2018 to let listeners do a year in review and look back at their favorite songs, albums, and artists of the year. Apple sadly does not offer any such feature for Apple Music, though developers have managed to create their own year in review tool for the streaming service

If you are looking to create your own Apple Music year in review, follow this guide. We will be making use of the app called Music Year In Review developed by NoiseHub for this but there are plenty of other such similar apps also available.

The Music Year In Review will not provide you with as much detailed stats as Spotify’s Unwrapped. The latter is able to compile the top 100 songs you have listened to throughout the year, hours of music streamed, the most listened to artist/album, and the new genre of music you have discovered.

As for Music Year In Review, it will highlight your favorite artist, the genre you have listened to the most, and your top artist/song for the year. It displays all this information in a beautiful card-like format which you can easily share on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Follow the steps below to know how you can create your Apple Music Year In Review. Make sure to have an active Apple Music subscription as the app requires it to work properly.

Step 1: Download Music Year In Review from the App Store on your iPhone. At the very first launch, the app will request access to your Apple Music library.

Music Year Review

Step 2: Proceed to enter your email ID which will be used to save your Year In Review history. After this, the app will start generating your Apple Music year in review.

Step 3: The app will take a few seconds to generate the review. As mentioned, the app can only generate and provide you with three different types of data: the amount of time you have spent listening to your favorite artist, your top song/artist, and genre, and your top five songs and artists.

Music Year Review

You can either save these year in music review cards to share it with your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook or directly use the Twitter or Instagram share button.

Until Apple gets around to releasing a similar year in review tool for Apple Music, this third-party solution remains one best option to emulate Spotify’s Unwrapped.