iOS 12.1.1 Once Again Makes It Easy to Flip the Camera in FaceTime Call

Group FaceTime

With the release of iOS 12, Apple made something as simple as switching cameras in a FaceTime video call extremely difficult. Instead of a one button tap process, the company ended up buying the option inside additional settings. Thankfully, Apple is fixing its mistake with iOS 12.1.1.

The update restores the button to flip between cameras right on the main screen just like the way it should have been from day one. It is a simple change but one that will help prevent a lot of frustration as users would previously struggle to figure out how to switch between cameras in a FaceTime call. On iOS 12.1 and below, the same step required three taps — a clear regression in terms of usability.

Apple has also reintroduced a feature that it had previously removed with iOS 12.1.1. The ability to take a Live Photo during a FaceTime call. However, for this feature to work, both parties in a call should have the option of Live Photos during FaceTime enabled.

Despite seemingly looking like a minor release, iOS 12.1.1 does enhance many of the existing features of the OS. This includes expanding notifications using haptic touch on iPhone XR, expanded eSIM support, ability to hide the sidebar in the News app on the iPad, and plenty of other bug fixes and enhancements.

If you have not already, make sure to update to iOS 12.1.1 to enjoy these changes and improvements.