iOS 12.1.1 vs iOS 12.1 Battery Life Test: Has it Improved?

iOS 12

Apple recently released iOS 12.1.1 with plenty of bug fixes and other enhancements. The release is aimed at fixing and improving the overall usability of iOS 12 right before the major holiday season. But what about battery life improvements?

While the initial release of iOS 12 brought about a notable performance improvement for older iOS devices, it had a negative impact on their battery life. Now with iOS 12.1.1, has Apple fixed those issues with the battery life? As per an extensive Geekbench battery rundown conducted by YouTuber iAppleBytes, iOS 12.1.1 does not bring any meaningful battery or performance improvements to the table.

When running iOS 12.1, the iPhone 8 lasted for 3 hours and 11 minutes while under iOS 12.1.1, it lasted for 3 hours and 12 minutes. The results were the same for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 which lasted for the same time while running iOS 12.1 and iOS 12.1.1.

The Geekbench benchmark scores also did not fluctuate much on all the devices the tests were conducted on signifying that iOS 12.1.1 does not bring any further performance improvement as well.

It looks like Apple managed to optimize iOS 12 right out of the gate for the best performance and battery life and there’s simply no room left for further improvements. From here, Apple can only work on adding new features to iOS 12 and improve its usability even further. Considering how older versions of iOS were criticized for being buggy and unstable, this is a welcome change in strategy from Apple. What do you think?