iOS 12 Now Installed on 70% of All Active Devices

iOS 12 unveiled

Apple likes to keep tabs on how its install base is doing for its latest major release, at least as far as iOS is concerned.

Here we are over two months since iOS 12 was launched to the public and Apple has updated its official App Store support page to show off the installed base up to this point. According to Apple’s data, which is measured from the App Store as of December 3, 2018, iOS 12 is now installed on 72 percent of devices “sold in the last four years”. However, when it comes to all active iOS devices out there in the wild, iOS 12 is now installed on 70% of devices.

Breaking down the pie charts shows that for devices sold in the last four years, 21% are running iOS 11, while 7% of handsets in this category are running even earlier versions of the mobile operating system. Meanwhile, of all the iOS devices out there, 21% are running iOS 11 and 9% are running earlier versions.

For those keeping track, Apple saw 50 percent adoption back at the beginning of October. And by the time that month closed out, iOS 12 was installed on 60% of devices, so the adoption rate is still steadily climbing.

Have you upgraded to iOS 12? Or are you still running an older version of the OS?

[via Apple Developer]