iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Reference Found in Fall 2018 Edition of Internal Accessory Document

Smart Battery Case

Earlier this month, the first details of a Smart Battery case for the iPhone XS were leaked. Now, adding more credence to reports of Apple working on a Smart Battery Case, Applesophy has found references for the battery case in “Apple Premium Reseller Accessory Merchandising Guidelines” document which is meant for Apple employees and is used inside Apple Stores.

The document is meant for Fall 2018 and highlights the new Winter cases recently released for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This also means that there’s a strong possibility of Apple releasing the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS series before the end of this year.

Apple had last offered a Smart Battery case for the iPhone 7 and it turned out to be incredibly popular among users for its tight integration with iOS. Since then though, Apple has not released a Smart Battery case for any of its newer iPhones. If the leaked Smart Battery Case images for the iPhone XS is anything to go by, the new case will have an improved design with a noticeably bigger battery to ensure your iPhone has to spend as little time as possible.

It will be interesting to see if the new Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS will support wireless charging or not. And whether just like the iPhones, it will have fast wired charging support or not. The latter will ensure that one can charge their iPhone and the charging case in relatively quick time, while wireless charging support will offer a more convenient charging experience. However, wireless charging support might just make the Smart Battery case for the iPhone XS a bit too thick.

With less than two weeks left for 2018 to end, we might see Apple release the Smart Battery case for the iPhone XS as soon as this week itself.

[Via Appleosophy]