LEGO Playgrounds Launches Mixed Reality Gaming With ARKit Support

LEGO is no stranger to artificial intelligence and bridging the digital world with the physical, bringing its blocks and characters into a mixture of both.

And now an even more advanced version of what we saw last year is here with LEGO Playgrounds. Apple actually showcased this feature earlier this year at its Worldwide Developers Conference, aimed to show off the improvements made to ARKit in 2018. It was certainly a pretty cool demonstration, and now it’s available for all from the iOS App Store.

“Tom Donaldson, Vice President of Creative Play Lab at the LEGO Group said: “Children today are mastering the art of finding new moments and forms of play and LEGO Playgrounds will provide a ‘live’ opportunity to test and learn directly with them. It’s truly a unique way to engage with them in a fun and experimental way and bring them close to our innovation process. Having this direct-link to users creates a win for everybody – sharing the latest play experiences is great fun for children and highly useful for our LEGO design and development teams who can take their feedback and use it to make launch experiences even better and more engaging.””

One of the more interesting elements of this new title is the fact that LEGO isn’t looking to dig money out of customers’ wallets through in-app purchases. LEGO is avoiding advertisements in the ARKit game as well, which is pretty awesome. This is meant to be played by kids and it’s good to see that there won’t be any unnecessary predatory marketing or anything else in the title.

LEGO would like you to buy more physical blocks, though, which will only make the augmented reality experience within the title even better.

There will be themes involved with Playgrounds, and the first one is Ninjago:

“Using the popular LEGO NINJAGO theme, this first playground uses AR technology to detect selected physical LEGO NINJAGO Dragon Hunters sets and bring them to life with exciting effects, animations and interactions.”

A link to download and install LEGO Playgrounds is available below. It’s free.


  • LEGO Playgrounds — Free
[via LEGO]