Verizon Updates My Verizon App to Support eSIM Activation

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Verizon actually turned on support for Apple’s dual SIM feature in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR last week, but now it’s a bit easier.

When the big red carrier started supporting the eSIM functionality in Apple’s newest iPhones, the setup process was a bit lengthy. You had to go into a Verizon retail store to buy a new cellular plan, which, technically, is something you can do if you prefer that face-to-face experience. Or, you could use the My Verizon app to get it all done.

Today, Verizon updated its official iOS app to support the ability to activate the extra, secondary line for dual SIM functionality. You’ll need to go through the setup process, which is pretty straightforward in itself, and confirm along the way that your device is even eligible. (Spoiler: if you have the aforementioned iPhones, you’re good to go.) You’ll need to make sure that your phone has a strong signal and then Verizon will connect your eSIM for you right then and there.

It’s not necessarily the biggest update to the My Verizon app to date, but, for someone who wants to actually use the eSIM functionality built into their iPhone, this is a pretty nice update to streamline the whole setup process.

AT&T customers, you’ll still need to go into a retail store to get your eSIM functionality up and running. And T-Mobile customers, you’ll have an app-based setup option in the near future.

You can find a link to download the My Verizon app below.


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