PSA: Apple’s $29 Battery Replacement Program Is Going to End Soon

iPhone X battery

Last year around this time, Apple finally accepted that it was intentionally slowing down older iPhones due to their degraded battery capacity. Thanks to all the backlash that followed, Apple announced a $29 iPhone battery replacement program that runs throughout 2018.

Through the program, one can get the battery of their iPhone 6 or newer replaced from an Apple Store or authorized service partner by paying just $29 irrespective of whether their device is in warranty or not.

This program started on January 1, 2018, and will last throughout the year. This means that as 2018 comes to an end, Apple’s $29 battery replacement program is also going to come to an end on December 31, 2018. So, if you have not already, you should go ahead and get the battery of your old iPhone replaced if you plan to use it for the foreseeable future. And even if you are looking to sell it off, you should get its battery replaced as that would help improve its resale value.

A new battery will help improve the performance of your old iPhone as it would allow the chipset to work at its full capacity. Coupled with the performance improvements in iOS 12, you might be easily able to squeeze out another six to ten months of life from your aging iPhone by paying just $29. If you miss out on the 31 December 2018 deadline, you will not be able to get the battery of your iPhone replaced for $29. Instead, you will have to pay $49 for iPhone 8 or lower, with iPhone X battery replacement cost coming in at $69.

There might be a heavy rush at Apple stores at the end of this year with consumers looking to take advantage of this program at the very last minute, so you should consider going to your nearest Apple Store or authorized service center as soon as possible.