Qualcomm May Seek to Detain or Fine Apple’s Legal Counsel in China Over iPhone Ban

Apple Australia

Qualcomm has been successful in getting some iPhone models banned in certain regions, but the legal battle between the two companies is far from over.

And it sounds like Qualcomm isn’t too pleased with Apple’s response to the iPhone ban that was handed down in China. It is being reported this week that Qualcomm’s lawyer, Jiang Hyongi, has referenced Article 111, Paragraph 6 of China’s civil procedure law that says a court in China can fine, or even detain the “principals or persons” directly responsible if it’s determined that the company is not following through with a court order.

Apparently Qualcomm is just unhappy across the board with the way that Apple has handled the imposed iPhone ban in China, especially in comparison to the same ban in Germany. For those keeping track of all this, Apple released iOS 12.1.2 into the wild that directly meant to address Qualcomm patents in China, in an effort to address the China ban of certain iPhone models. That software update changed the animation for force closing apps on iPhones, but apparently Qualcomm doesn’t think that’s actually good enough.

However, there is a key difference between the rulings in Germany and China. For the latter country, the imposed import ban was related to software — which Apple did indeed address. Meanwhile, in Germany, the ban was related to hardware, which is admittedly a bit harder to change on the fly.

So, it sounds like Qualcomm may be trying to go to the next level in China, as far as they can go in the region. Will it work? We’ll have to wait and see.

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