Samsung Promotes Galaxy Note 9 On Twitter…Using an iPhone

Over the years, multiple celebrities have been caught promoting a phone on Twitter but posting that very same tweet from their iPhone. Samsung has been caught doing the same thing. The company’s Nigeria branch posted a tweet from their official account promoting the Galaxy Note 9 from an iPhone.

The tweet highlighted the Infinity Display of the Galaxy Note 9 and the “stunning cinematic experience” that it offers. After being caught by popular YouTuber MKBHD, Samsung Nigeria has deleted the said tweet.

Samsung should take solace in the fact that it is not the first company to have made this blunder. Back in 2014, LG poked fun at Apple for the iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate controversy on Twitter by posting the said tweet from an iPhone itself. More recently, ‘Wonder Woman’ actress Gal Gadot praised the Huawei Mate 10 Pro on Twitter by posting the tweet from her iPhone.

This silly gaffe from celebrities and other companies ends up doing exactly the opposite of what they want. It ends up putting the limelight on iPhonse instead of the device they are promoting. I guess it is understandable as to why most people prefer using an iPhone to tweet since Twitter’s iOS client offers a far superior experience than its Android counterpart.