Satechi Launches Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for the iMac

You may or may not have had an annoying time trying to connect a device to one of the ports on the back of an iMac. If you fall into the latter camp, Satechi may have an option for you.

In an effort to keep the design of the iMac as clean as possible, Apple has decided for years to keep the essential ports on the back of the desktop machine. Which means, depending on your setup, it could be a bit of a pain to actually connect a device to one of those ports on the back. And if you’ve run into that particularly annoying issue, Satechi has a new accessory for you that may help.

The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac is now available in silver and space gray, and it offers a functional stand and hub two-in-one design. It connects to the iMac via USB-C, and then there are a range of ports that face outward — but are hidden by the stand itself, so they don’t look so obvious. Meanwhile, the hub offers a single USB-C port, three USB-A ports, slots for SD and microSD cards, and a headphone jack that all point forward.

Satechi is also including a USB-C to USB-A adapter for older Macs that don’t have a USB-C port to connect to.

Satechi’s new stand is available beginning today and it retails for $89.99 for either aforementioned color. For folks in the United States, Satechi says the accessory will ship within one to two business days.

This looks like a pretty awesome accessory for iMac owners, and the price isn’t too bad, either. Do you plan on picking one up?

[via Satechi]