Show Your iPhone Some Love With This Accessory Bundle [Deals Hub]

You probably bought a new phone over the last couple years, but when was the last time you upgraded your iPhone accessories? Give your iPhone’s support team a little love with the iPhone Accessory Bundle. At just $34.99, this bundle also makes a super useful stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The iPhone Accessory Bundle includes everything you need to stay powered up and tuned in over the holiday season. So what does it include?

First up, a wireless charger. Let your Qi-enabled devices relax on this handy device, recharging your battery from anywhere — no outlet needed. Got a dying iPhone while finishing that last minute holiday shopping? No problem!

If you need to stay hands-on while powering up, the 10-foot Lightning charging cable will make sure you never see the dreaded color red when it comes to your battery. And the extra length gives you flexibility and ensure you’re not sitting on the ground tethered to an outlet.

Finally, sleek, wireless earbuds let you zone out while staying stylish. You’ll enjoy crisp, HD audio sans any cords, and you’ll be able to power up 10 more times with the earbuds’ included charging case.

Separately all of these accessories would cost you $129.99. This bundle offers them at a 73% discount, getting you all three for just $34.99 here.