Super Micro Says External Audit Confirms No Chinese Spy Chips Found In Its Servers


Earlier this year, Bloomberg in an explosive report claimed that Apple and other tech giants like Amazon were using servers infected by Chinese spy chips. Apple, Super Micro, and others strongly refuted the claims, though the publication never retracted its report. Now, Super Micro has informed its customers that it has done an outside audit of its servers and hardware and has not found any proof or signs of tampering. 

The audit was conducted by Nardello and Co, with the company allowing Super Micro customers to ask more questions about the report. Apart from testing the motherboard sold to Apple and Amazon, the audit firm also tested Super Micro’s software and design files for any tampering. Unsurprisingly, their findings revealed there were no signs of any outside tampering whatsoever. Super Micro informed the audit results to its customers via a letter and said it was not surprised by it.

In a letter to customers, the San Jose, California, company said it was not surprised by the result of the review it commissioned in October after a Bloomberg article reported that spies for the Chinese government had tainted Super Micro equipment to eavesdrop on its clients.

Ever since Bloomberg published the report back in October, the publication has been heavily criticized from all possible avenues. Apple, Amazon, and other tech giants have strongly refuted the report, with other security researchers citing that it is almost impossible for such a hack to occur in this day and age. Apple even called for Bloomberg to retract the report, though that never happened. While proven to be false, the report did manage to stir quite a bit of controversy and even led U.S. law enforcement agencies to confirm that Apple’s servers did not have any kind of spy chips installed. However, the damage caused by the report to Super Micro’s image is irreparable in the short term.

[Via Reuters]