Latest ‘Surfer’s Journal’s Front and Back Covers Feature iPhone Photography

iPhone-captured photos grace the front and back of the newest Surfer's Journal

One of the core strengths of the iPhone is its camera setup, and the quality of the images those cameras snap.

As such, the smartphones have been used for a variety of professional photography endeavors over the years, with the results only getting better and better. The iPhone is definitely not a stranger to being used for cover shoots, being used for TIME‘s cover shoot back in September. The most recent effort comes from Surfer’s Journal, which uses two photos captured with an iPhone to showcase the front and back of the latest edition of the magazine.

Stab Magazine has the full rundown of what went into the photos. However, we don’t have a word on which models were used to capture the images. On the front, photographer Zak Noyle captures an airborne surfer, Mikey Writer, as water explodes into a million glistening droplets all around him.

“You’re always looking for those universal images; that speak to everyone. Those are the best ones. Something undeniable

“The cover is still so important. You’re competing for people’s attention — just as it’s always been — but readers aren’t looking through a hundreds of titles at the newsstand anymore, now they’re scrolling through thousands of images on Instagram. It takes a truly great image to stand out.”

Meanwhile, around back, DJ Marshall used an iPhone to capture a stack of Sixties singlefin surfboards in the back of a truck.

Of course, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, weighed in on the newest edition of the magazine:

It would be nice to hear which iPhone model was used to capture these images. Both are pretty fantastic to look at, to say the least.

[via Stab Magazine; @tim_cook]