Apple Releases an Updated Version of iOS 12.1.2 for iPhone

iOS 12 unveiled

Earlier this week, Apple released a version of iOS that was meant only for the iPhone. Now, the company is back with an updated version of that same software.

Apple today released a new, updated version of iOS 12.1.2 for iPhone owners. As was the case with the original iOS 12.1.2 launch earlier this week, this version of the mobile operating system is meant only for the iPhone. It is not available for the iPad lineup. And, just like that first version, it’s likely that this is a minor update in the grand scheme of things.

As it stands, it is unknown at the time of publication just what, if anything, Apple has tweaked in this new version of the mobile OS. It’s possible that Apple is patching any issues that cropped up since the public launch of iOS 12.1.2, as well as making other behind-the-scenes changes.

In the United States and Turkey, iOS 12.1.2 is meant to address eSIM activation issues and cellular connectivity problems, respectively. However, it’s in China that iOS 12.1.2 has the biggest impact as the software update was meant to address Qualcomm patents in that region. And, as a result, iOS 12.1.2 also introduces a brand new animation for force closing apps on an iPhone.

If something new is discovered in this updated version of iOS 12.1.2, we will update this post accordingly. Until then, the new software is available now for the iPhone, and, as usual, it is a free installation.