Aetna Launches New ‘Attain’ Health Program Using the Apple Watch

The health benefits of the Apple Watch are well documented at this point. Some health insurance companies want to use the smartwatch to help its customers in interesting ways.

Aetna is the third-largest insurance provider in the United States, and the company has just announced a new program called “Attain” that will use the Apple Watch to help customers keep tabs on their health. As a result, customers who sign up for the program and wear the Apple Watch, they can obtain real world rewards. The program is in collaboration with Apple.

Attain will make it possible for customers to track their health and progress, set goals, and recommend changes to keep a healthy lifestyle. The rewards a customer can obtain is tied to points they earn for reaching goals. Those points can then be turned into money towards things like gift cards, or to cover the cost of an Apple Watch.

The goals are personalized, based on a variety of factors including age, weight, and gender. From there, Attain will set goals and offer up ideas for maintaining those goals, including staying active. Walking, running, yoga, swimming, and other activities can all be tracked within Attain, all working towards that goal.

This particular program won’t be providing an Apple Watch to its customers. They will need to have an iPhone 5s or newer, along with an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer to participate. Though, as mentioned above, points can be earned through the program to cover the cost of a new smartwatch. It’s a bit different than the program the company ran back in 2016, which did indeed offer a free Apple Watch to customers with a subsidized discount.

Aetna expects Attain to launch in the spring of 2019.

You can find additional information, and sign up for the program, through the source link below.

[via Aetna]