AirBuddy is a Mac App That Makes Connecting AirPods Easier

Apple designed the W1 wireless chip to make connecting devices easier within its ecosystem, but there is room to improve.

AirBuddy, a third-party app from app developer Guilherme Rambo, is here to make the connection between a Mac and Apple’s truly wireless headphones even easier. The design is meant to work around a simple, single-click process. It will mirror the pop-up panel you’d see on an iOS device connecting to the AirPods, which will show you the battery life of the wireless headphones and the case as well. All it needs is to have the case open near the Mac you want them to connect to.

After the pop-up, Mac users can simply connect to the AirPods with just a single click. Once the AirPods are connected, there is a widget that can be added to the Notification Center on your Mac that will consistently show battery levels. Rambo says that additional features are on the way, including the ability to see other battery levels on additional Bluetooth connections. The app will go open source at some point in the near future as well.

“AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. With AirBuddy, you can open up your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the status right away, just like it is on your iPhone or iPad. A simple click and you’re connected and playing your Mac’s audio to AirPods. Oh, it also makes sure the audio input of your Mac is NOT switched to the AirPods so you can get the best possible quality.”

This sounds like a pretty awesome app. Admittedly, the ability to connect AirPods to the Mac is already pretty easy, thanks to the aforementioned W1 chip inside, but this does simplify things a bit. What’s more, the addition of the widget in notification center is a nice touch as well.

You can get AirBuddy at a pay-at-your-own-rate through the source link below.

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