Amazon’s IMDb Launches ‘Freedive’, a New Ad-Supported Movie and TV Streaming Service

You get a streaming service! You get a streaming service! And you get a streaming service!

Variety is reporting on Thursday that Amazon is launching a brand new ad-support video-on-demand service called “Freedive”. Unlike some services though, this one’s free (thanks to the ads!) to stream. The content is from the international movie database, or IMDb, which Amazon owns. There are over 130 movies available to watch, and 29 different TV shows to chose from. It’s only available in the United States to start.

As far as TV shows are concerned, you’ll be able to choose from episodes of Heroes, Fringe, Gilligan’s Island, The Bachelor, and many others. Freedive’s movie collection includes titles like Memento, Drive, Foxcatcher, Run Lola Run, and others.

“Titles licensed for Freedive come from studios and networks including CBS, NBCUniversal Television, Sony Pictures Entertainment/Columbia Pictures, Newmarket Films, Warner Bros. Television, A+E Networks and Annapurna Pictures.

The Freedive service is available on the IMDb website via computer and on all Amazon Fire TV devices.”

Freedive is available now. And it’s just one more streaming option out there launching before Apple gets around to announcing its own. Interestingly enough, it’s been rumored that Apple will be “giving away original content” to Apple device owners when the service does launch. It’s nice that it’s free, and the library is pretty nice to start.

Think you’ll check out Freedive?

[via Variety]