Apple Spends Over $35 Million Yearly and Books 50 Business Class Tickets to Shanghai From SFO Daily

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As per promotional banners shared by United Airlines, Apple is its biggest corporate customer and spends $150 million on tickets every year. The Cupertino company books 50 business class tickets on flights to Shanghai from the SFO airport from United Airlines every day.

United Airlines has put up these promotional banners and revealed these numbers as a marketing push and to attract new corporate customers.

Apple spends a staggering $35 million every year on flight tickets to Shanghai alone which accounts for 25 percent of its annual spending on flight tickets. After Shanghai, other popular routes for Apple include Hong Kong, Taipei, London, South Korea, Singapore, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, and Israel.

Majority of Apple’s suppliers are based out of China which is why the company has to send its employees to Shanghai on such a scale. The numbers give us an idea of just how much goes behind the scene in the development of Apple products and how frequently its employees have to go back and forth between the U.S. and China.

The numbers above are only from the flights taken from the San Franciso International Airport (SFO) which is the closest international airport from Apple’s headquarter in Cupertino, California. Apple likely spends more than double or triple of this amount on traveling of its employees for business purposes every year. This also means that Apple’s yearly spending on flights to Shanghai is far higher than $35 million.

While Apple spends $150 million yearly on United Airlines flights from the SFO airport, other tech giants like Facebook, Roche, and Google spend far less at “over $34 million.” The likes of Intel and Visa are even lower at “over $10 million.”