Apple Says Climate Change Could Lead People to Rely on the iPhone Even More

Apple Australia

The iPhone is an important tool for many people, and not simply just a fashionable gadget that they pull out of their pocket.

And, according to Apple, the reliance on that device may get even higher in the wake of climate change. As was reported on Tuesday by Bloomberg, the United Kingdom-based nonprofit organization, CDP, recently reached out to several different companies to find out what they thought of climate change and worsening conditions across the globe. CDP was looking to find out what these companies might see as potential risks, and potential opportunities, that might come along.

Many companies have unsurprising statements on the matter, such as the Coca-Cola company worrying that there might not be enough water to actually make the soda any longer. Disney, another major company that would be impacted by higher-than-usual natural disasters, is concerned that its resorts all across the globe might be destroyed in permanent ways as a result of those powerful storms. AT&T? They believe their cell towers might become fodder for those powerful storms, too, crashing back down to earth.

The CDP report went ahead and scored these companies with letter grades. A total of 30 companies earned an “A” rating, which includes Apple. The iPhone company is certainly aware of climate change, but it’s not necessarily concerned about its facilities across the world, or how it might impact its infrastructure. Instead, it sees the iPhone as a means of finding safety:

“As people begin to experience severe weather events with greater frequency, we expect an increasing need for confidence and preparedness in the arena of personal safety and the well-being of loved ones,’’ the company wrote. Its mobile devices “can serve as a flashlight or a siren; they can provide first aid instructions; they can act as a radio; and they can be charged for many days via car batteries or even hand cranks.”

Apple did not comment to this particular story, so all we have to go on here is the written statement it provided to CDP.

Other companies, like Home Depot, are a bit forthcoming, saying that climate change will lead to higher sales for its available products. That includes air conditioners and fans as temperatures continue to rise.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc., offered a written statement as well, saying that people will probably want to use Google Earth even more than they do now:

“If customers value Google Earth Engine as a tool to examine the physical changes to the Earth’s natural resources and climate, this could result in increased customer loyalty or brand value,” Google wrote. “This opportunity driver could have a positive impact on our brands.”

However, Alphabet is also aware that a worsening planet and the condition for the humans on it might result in fewer people wanting to look at advertisements:

“Fluctuating socio-economic conditions due to climate change” could reduce demand for online advertising, the company reported.”

Sarcasm would be easy here, especially in light of Alphabet’s response, or even Apple’s, but the reality is that the companies were simply replying in a realistic fashion to a question posed by a nonprofit. How do they think climate change will effect them as a business and their products? Well, now we know for some of them.

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