Apple Now Emailing Owners With Older iPhones to Try and Sell the iPhone XR

It might be possible that some owners of older iPhone models don’t know about the iPhone XR, but, hey, just in case Apple’s sending out email reminders!

Apple is now sending out emails to folks who own older iPhone models, letting them know that they can trade in their older device to get the new iPhone XR. In this case, you can get the handset for $549 with the trade in, which is $200 off its normal starting price. The email banner also includes the standout features of the iPhone XR, including its “all-screen design”, the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, better performance, and “more storage for all your photos and apps”.

It sounds like the emails are tuned to each individual iPhone owner that’s getting these emails. In this case, the iPhone 6 Plus is cited. This all seems pretty straightforward, except that it’s all in addition to the aggressive promotion of the iPhone XR (and iPhone XS) basically ever since the phones launched.

However, if you ask Apple executives how the iPhone XR is doing, you’ll hear that the handset is ridiculously popular. Tim Cook, in fact, says “bologna on that” when it comes to rumors that the iPhone XR is a “flop”.

[via MacRumors]