Apple’s Giving Program Has Raised $365 Million for Global Nonprofits

Apple is not a stranger to nonprofit organizations or volunteer efforts, and the company has just announced that it is still doing quite a bit to try and put some good out there in the world.

The company on Monday released a quick profile on its volunteer and charitable donation work, indicating that the effort has gone quite a bit of good globally. For instance, Apple confirms that, since its inception eight years ago, the company’s Giving program has raised $365 million towards global nonprofits.

“All told, since its inception eight years ago, Apple’s Giving program has become a powerful force for global good, raising more than $365 million for nonprofits around the world. Though if you ask the people whose lives have been changed by these efforts, they’ll tell you that the benefit can be measured in so much more than dollars and cents.”

One of the profiles provided in the press release includes Lauren Cook, a college student that was able to take advantage of the Second Harvest food bank on campus to help her realign with being a student. Before discovering the food bank, Cook was working four jobs while also going to school.

“Second Harvest helped me become the person I am today — sorry, I’m getting a little emotional,” says Cook, through tears. “It meant I had to work only one job, and it allowed me to focus on being a college student.”

Apple has been volunteering with Second Harvest since 2000. According to the press release, the food bank works in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California, with those counties covering most of Silicon Valley. Since the recession in 2008, the number of people that the food bank has helped has jumped up 47 percent. In 2018 alone, Second Harvest doled out upwards of 55 million meals.

“What’s so important about this partnership is that we have Apple volunteers that we can depend on,” said Second Harvest CEO Leslie Bacho. “That long-term commitment makes it possible to try new things and innovate, which includes our food pantries at colleges. It’s what gives me hope that if there’s anywhere in the country we can solve hunger, it would be here.”

The full release is available through the source link below. Apple’s efforts to give back to communities all across the globe is genuinely inspiring. It’s not like Apple has always done the best, especially when it comes to some customer-facing decisions, but these efforts are still a positive mark.

[via Apple]