Apple Now Promoting Monthly Payments and Trade-Ins Towards iPhone XS and XR

Is the iPhone XS and iPhone XR doing well? Apple says they are. Especially the iPhone XR — which is backed by third-party data.

That isn’t stopping the company from trying to get more people to buy either handset, though. As we have seen recently, Apple is heavily promoting both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, leaning heavily into trade-ins. Apple would very much like you to get rid of your old iPhone for a new model. That trend continues today as Apple has updated its trade-in page to promote monthly payments for the new models.

Apple reiterates that you can get an iPhone XR starting at $449, or an iPhone XS for $699. If you go that route, and for a limited time, you can pay monthly towards that new handset. For instance, if you trade in an iPhone 8 towards an iPhone XR, you can pay only $18.99 per month for the new model. Or if you go with the iPhone XS with the same trade-in you’ll pay $29.99 per month.

Trading in an iPhone 6 sees you paying $24.99 per month for the iPhone XR, or $35.99 for the iPhone XS.

Here’s how it breaks down:

You will need to go into an Apple Store to take advantage of the trade-in and monthly payment option. And, as Apple makes clear on the page, this is for a “limited time”.

So, that’s a new move! What do you think? Are you going to take advantage of this deal, or know someone who will?

[via Apple]